Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dan Story's first blog


Thanks for visiting my new blog. Although I’m open to most theological and apologetic related topics, I hope to initiate novel and challenging discussions in areas often neglected among Christians. For example, here are three topics I would enjoy discussing and getting your feedback: Christian environmentalism (what many evangelicals call “creation care”), the Bible’s perspective on human/animal relationships in this life and in the age to come, and almost anything related to natural theology and general revelation.

In terms of Christian environmentalism, in order to get my perspective, you should read my book Should Christians Be Environmentalists? (Kregel, 2012—it’s a short read, less than 200 pages, and available in paperback or Kindle.) Christian environmentalism is a growing but often underrated area of Christian ministry. Yet it can provide tremendous opportunities for evangelistic outreach—as well as culturally relevant apologetic points of contact—not only with secular environmentalists and followers of earth-based religions, but also college students and other young adults, who are more aware of and concerned about the world’s escalating environmental problems than most Christians. Church leaders are seeking culturally relevant points of contact with these least churched people in America (the so-called “Millennial Generation,” 18-30 year olds), and I believe Christian environmentalism can provide one of the best avenues for achieving this.

Here’s something even more provocative, and I would very much enjoy your feedback. I recently sent my agent my newest manuscript, provisionally titled Will Pets and Other Animals Be in Heaven; What the Bible Says and Science Supports. This is not a simplistic, sentimental book designed to comfort grieving pet owner or to encourage radical animal rights activism. Rather, the book is a thorough biblical exegesis of the topic, supported by recent studies in brain science and ethology (animal behavior). These two lines of evidence (biblical and scientific) have convinced me that sentient animals not only have immortal souls but also will resurrect alongside redeemed humans to inhabit the eschatological, restored “new heaven and earth” (Rom 8: 19-23; Rev. 21:1-4, et al.). I see nothing in the Bible to cast doubt on this conclusion—and much evidence to support it. I’ll share some of this in later blogs.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Story


  1. I have read your latest book and it does challenge the thought of how better to be a steward of God's creation. Great Job! Can't wait to read your exegesis re/ Animals In Heaven. As long as we don't have to clean up after them, I'm in favor of it. Can't wait to see if there's some eisegesis going on. I'll buy a Kindle if you do - now that's a challenge!
    Your bias reader, Greg

  2. Dan,
    This is not a topic I've researched but it is my understanding the early church taught animals have souls and yet will not be in heaven. Only humans have the soulish capacity to be with God in heaven. Do you know if the early church taught this?

    Your friend,

  3. You are right Steve, generally speaking, the early church did acknowledge that animals have souls (a "life force") but not immortal souls--their souls perished at death. A case can be made, however,(and I do this in my upcoming book) that Calvin, Luther, and Wesley all appeared to believe in animal resurrection. More recently, so does C.S. Lewis, Peter Kreeft, and others. I know this is a provocative and controversial subject, but I believe that I've given a sound argument for my position. In fact the arguments I've read by skeptics against animal resurrection are essentially assumptions without any clear biblical or philosophical basis. They merely assume sentient animals do not have immortal souls.