Saturday, September 20, 2014

Change of blog address

I recently went to a different  blog site. My new blog series, "Should Christians Be Environmentalists?", which began September 20th, is now posted at You can access all my blogs at this site. My website itself is (note: no period between www and, then click on my name. This is confusing for now, but I'll get  it  straightened out  shortly.

I hope you check out the new sites, and will continue to follow my new blog series.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

In case your are wondering why I have not posted any articles recently it's because I have finished my series on "Will Our Pets (and Other Animals) Greet Us in Heaven? and I am putting together a new series. Hopefully, within a few months, I'll connect with a publisher and soon after you will be able to purchase the articles in book form. In the mean time, you can read the previous 29 articles as a preview; they includes a large portion of the book. But there will be a lot more information in the book itself.

On September 20th I will begin a new series of blog articles titled "Why Christians Should be Environmentalists!" (Obviously, I enjoy controversial topics that challenge our traditional views on issues, although I work had to never go beyond what I can sustain in Scripture.) This new series is based on my book, Should Christians Be Environmentalists? published in 2012 by Kregel Publications. It's presently available in both print and Kindle formats. I can't cover the entire book in blog articles, so if you want the "rest of the story" I hope you'll purchase the book itself. I look forward to your thoughtful comments.